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CleanPress, an Octopress Theme

May 17, 2013

I’m really enjoying Octopress as a potential blogging platform but I’ve not been able to settle on a theme I like.

I prefer minimal, clean layouts (one reason I refuse to use WordPress) and so decided to pull together my own. I call it CleanPress.

I describe CleanPress is an elegant, clean & white minimal and responsive theme for Octopress and it was originally a fork of the OctoPress Slash Theme.

The font is currently Proxima Nova from Typekit and it falls back to Helvetica Neue if your browser doesn’t support it.

Install it to your own Octopress site as follows;

$ cd octopress
$ git clone git:// .themes/cleanpress
$ rake install['cleanpress'] (or rake "install[cleanpress]")
$ rake install['cleanpress'] (or rake "install[cleanpress]")
$ rake generate

CleanPress is available from my github page.