RIP Pi-man

2021-02-09 Pi-man for Apple Watch After just 9 months, a few thousand downloads and many compliments along the way, I've decided to "sunset" my Pi-hole Management App, Pi-Man on 30th June 2021. It wasn't such a difficult choice, there are some great alternatives available right now from developers who've been able to spend much more time on their iOS implementation than I was ever able to. Put simply, my work commitments just didn't make this a viable long term project. I can however look back on this App with fondness and it's pleasing to note that it led the way and was the first to market with a dedicated Apple Watch App for managing a Pi-hole, but I'd like to concentrate on my other Apple Watch project which I have some exciting plans for this year.

also...RIP Pi-hole.

Although a huge fan of Pi-hole I've recently decommissioned the one I had running in my own network and in its place I've been using NextDNS which I have to say, is ridiculously good. My personal Pi-hole implementation ran on a Raspberry Pi 4 with Unbound as a recursive DNS server and although it worked well, the move to NextDNS is almost night and day in comparison. My network feels snappy and responsive and with native Encrypted DNS support in iOS14 and macOS Big Sur it's a game changer, I now have fully encrypted and privacy focused [^1] protection both inside and outside my network on all my Apple devices. Is it worth £18 a year? Absolutely. If you're interested yourself, their free plan is a great place to start.
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